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 Desktop and iPad necessary features

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PostSubject: Desktop and iPad necessary features   Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:46 pm

-A manual "SAVE" or "AUTOSAVE" option is necessary.
-Export abilities, such as...
                                    -Saving projects/scenes via WiFi
                                    -Saving projects/scenes via dropbox
                                    -Live updates from within a group working on a project or while working from desktops
                                     to portable electronics.
-An updated downloadable manual is necessary to refer back to.
-Drag and drop feature and copy/paste option is necessary for movement between shots within the scene and
 other projects.        
-UNDO and REDO options.

Ipad version needs:

-Renaming option for projects
-Auto-syncing option
-Drag and Drop feature
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PostSubject: Re: Desktop and iPad necessary features   Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:14 am

All great suggestions. Most are on the roadmap.
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Desktop and iPad necessary features
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