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 gyro control

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PostSubject: gyro control   Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:24 pm

hi guys

thanks for the latest update. it's definitely another step forward. thought i'd give you some general feedback to show my appreciation. thanks also for making all of the model packages free. very nice of you!

i don't quite get the in camera cutting device, but this is possibly because i always export and edit in another program (and i think if you have an out point - you should also have an in point). i think that there needs to be quite a few new extra features here before you can successfully edit in shop pro -although i wonder if this is reaching too far in terms of making it a one stop app? it's good to experiment but i feel like you guys should stick to doing what you do incredibly well, which is providing a simple and visually/technically impressive was to pre-vis. sound is another aspect that i think may be a little redundant. again, i always put sound to the pictures elsewhere. don't want to be negative, i just think that there needs to be a lot of development to make all of this worthwhile.

i think by far the best device you guys have come up with is the gyro control for the camera. this is genius and has some serious potential. firstly, attaching that to the spot lights would be a big help and make lighting more intuitive and quicker. here's something that would completely revolutionize the camera controls though - including a record button so you can manually operate the camera and record the gyro action. this would allow a whole new field of expression in the program for camera movement. basically hand held.

anyway, i hope there's something in that for you guys. keep up the good work. each update is making this program better and better.

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gyro control
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