This community is here to give a place for users of ShotPro to gather, share information, learn and suggest development features they want to see.
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 other features

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PostSubject: other features   Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:31 pm

was going to mention a few things that i see have already been mentioned (like undo button), but here are a couple more:
- a ceiling - essential for low angle or very wide interior shots
- editable walls - 2 ideas here - 1) simple tool to adjust shape of the wall (currently very hard to build windows you can see through into a wall unless you do it with 3 wall sections and the window sits on the ground - impossible to build a full house interior), simple approach here would be to at least set the walls up so they can go through the floor - 2) import picture/surface textures to wall - i use the white walls for everything because nothing else suits. i love how much tone your lighting can add to a scene but white walls are a bit of a killer in this respect as they just reflect
- movable smoke/rain/snow - currently it just appears in the middle of the space which is a bummer when you've already built your set - another great feature would be to dial in the amount, but i'm sure this is the logical next step anyways if you're going to take that further
- very simple props: mug, bowl, laptop, coffee table, shower, etc. - i imagine this will come as the app progresses

apologies if i've doubled up on anything other people have mentioned. seriously great app and so easy to use. can't wait till the next version.

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PostSubject: Re: other features   Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:10 pm

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, those are all very good suggestions. And no need to apologize. If you request something that others have already suggested, we will take that into higher consideration and will bring it into the app sooner.
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other features
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